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God Is With Us

Since God is with us whether we acknowledge Him or not, why not start actively practicing the presence of God? You can expect a huge difference in your life and in your faith when you remember to:

Acknowledge God’s presence in your life. With every activity, acknowledge God’s presence verbally or in silent prayer. When you get up in the morning, thank God for your life and for another day to walk with Him through whatever comes your way—surprises, catastrophes, and the never-ending dailies that sometime seem to drag on and not make much difference. Count on His presence. The harder your tasks or more terrifying your challenges, factor in your heavenly Father’s omnipresence. He’s right there with you, ready and able to comfort, encourage, strengthen and supply you with His divine wisdom, grace, and power–with everything you need.

Acknowledge God’s presence to others. Honor God and give Him glory by making His presence known to others. Your awareness of Him and dependency on Him is not something to be ashamed of or kept hidden. If you knew a celebrity or a great personality, you’d be proud of your friendship and want everyone to know. Well, who is greater than God? And He’s right there with you always! As you talk about Him to others, you’re announcing that you have a personal relationship with God and saying they can too. As the psalmist exclaimed, “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so” (Psalm 107:2).

Thank God for His presence and together forge ahead in victory!

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