God’s Brand of Success

As you head into another year, think about your assignments from God—your role in your family, your work, your church and community. Are you approaching your tasks with God’s leading or are you going it alone? Look to God’s Word, find out what He says you’re to do, and then do what God says—do it His way. Would you like to have success in 2014? Then every day try to:

  • Reexamine your life according to the three components to God’s brand of success: your heart for God’s Word, your heart for thinking on God’s Word, and your heart for obeying God’s Word.
  •  Relinquish how you may have defined success in the past and allow God to redesign your values.
  • Reflect on your level of obedience. Have you been as careful as you should be in doing what the Bible says?
  • Realign your practices and values to demonstrate the perspective and level of obedience God desires.
  • Realize the impact of your obedience. What is God asking you to do? Obeying makes a huge difference, beyond what you can think of or dream of.

If your assignments are anything like mine and most of the people I know, they look daunting. But we have God. We must listen to Him and adhere to everything God tells us. We must believe in His plan for us, lock in on it, move forward, see it through, and finish. Then we will know God’s brand of success.

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