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God’s Power to Accomplish Great Things

John Wesley was passionately devoted to reading the Bible. He laid hold of the Bible because His heart’s desire was to grow… and the Bible laid hold of him as well. Every year, he lifted up this prayer as a covenant to God, expressing his desire to growing in the knowledge of Christ:

O blessed Jesus… You have been pleased to give me your holy laws as the Rule of my life… subscribing to all your laws as holy, just, and good, I solemnly take them as the Rule of my words, thoughts, and actions; promising that… I will endeavor to order and govern my whole life according to your direction.

When you commit yourself to growing spiritually and following God’s Word, then, by His grace, God will enable you to fulfill all the responsibilities He gives you. Through His power, you can and will accomplish great things for Him.

Source title: A Man After God’s Own Heart Devotional, by Jim George

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