Going Pure

Politicians, celebrities, and others talk a lot about “going green”. They want to protect the treasures of the earth. To keep the earth pure or restore it to purity. If you look up the word “pure”, you’ll discover that it means to be without stain, to be free from pollution, to be clean, innocent, and guiltless.

As important as the earth is, think how truly vital it is to God that you keep yourself free from stains and damage. God wants you to protect a precious possession-your purity. You already know it’s important to preserve your physical purity, but did you know your mind is where purity starts? What you think greatly determines how you behave. Make keeping your wonderful self pure and righteous for the Lord a priority.

God, when I’m tempted to give up on purity, remind me that I matter greatly to You. Keep me on my toes, Lord. Give me the strength and desire to protect my heart, mind, and body. Amen.

Read Going Pure on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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