Handling Life’s Crises

Jesus’ mother, Mary, was living in the center of a huge crisis. She was single and pregnant, which was a public disgrace and punishable by stoning. She was engaged to a righteous man, who was sure to be hurt and would surely want nothing to do with her. As Mary appears to have silently trusted in God. You and I have a front-row seat as we watch how Joseph handled his crisis and assisted Mary in handling hers. Note three qualities that mark the way Joseph handled a major life crisis:

  • Righteous—Joseph was a man who desired to handle the situations and crises of his life in the right way—God’s way. As he thought through his situation regarding Mary’s pregnancy, Joseph determined to do the right thing according to the Old Testament and divorce or cancel the marriage.
  • Respectful—But when God said no to Joseph’s plan, Joseph respectfully followed God’s instructions. He didn’t fully understand what was happening, but he submitted to God’s will and instructions and stayed with Mary.
  • Responsible—Although Joseph was “afraid” of possible and probable consequences and may have been hurt or upset, he responded immediately to the angel’s message and took on the responsibility for Mary and her Son.

What seemed to be a crisis in Mary’s and Joseph’s lives was God working out His will for this couple. When you encounter rough times you, like Mary and Joseph, you will find God’s grace to be sufficient as you seek to handle life’s crises… His way.

Read Handling Life’s Crises on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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