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How to Communicate Better with Your Wife

wifeFrom Jim’s Heart—

Communication—or the lack of it—is a significant issue in most marriages. Here are some little things you can do to make a big difference in your communication with your wife:

  1. Choose to listen. Listening is an act of love. When you listen to your wife, you are communicating nonverbally that she is important to you.
  2. Talk about what interests your wife. Communication is not a one-way street. Talk about what you know is important to her. Make an effort to know what type of books she likes to read, her hobbies, and her giftedness for ministry. And don’t forget to ask, “Honey, how did your day go?”
  3. Observe your wife’s nonverbal communication. Be sensitive to your wife’s mannerisms. Like you, she gets tired. She lives with a large amount of stress. She gets behind. So look for those nonverbal hints that tell you to save some communication until later. And when you goof, a sincere “I’m sorry” goes a long way.
  4. Mind your manners with your wife. It’s hard, but try not to interrupt her while she is talking to you or another person. And never, never, never belittle or put her down in front of others, especially your children.
  5. Identify speech patterns that must go. Do you tend to raise your voice when you communicate with your wife? Do you have an angry tone when you talk? Are you communicating like a drill sergeant?

What wife wouldn’t respond positively to a husband who practiced this type of communication?


In A Husband After God’s Own Heart, Jim George will help you build a richer and deeper marriage as you discover how to:

  • Win your wife’s heart through loving leadership.
  • Build a happier home through wise guidance.
  • Enjoy better communication through careful listening.
  • Increase your family’s spiritual growth by example.
  • Excel at your job without sacrificing family priorities.

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