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Jacob and Rachel

The union of two people in marriage is potentially fraught with challenges—an understatement in the case of Jacob and Rachel! Their joining together was thwarted by a lying, conniving father-in-law, two wives, two concubines, and 12 sons generally marked by jealousy and aggressive, warlike behavior. No soap opera could ever even come close to duplicating all the angst, emotions, heartaches, and drama this clan lived with on a daily basis.

Even in a marriage absent of such problems, two individuals who think they know each other before the wedding suddenly find themselves living with a different person—a stranger. After the marriage vows are exchanged and the lovey-dovey thrill of the ceremony and honeymoon are over, everyday life seems to have a way of unearthing the real person behind those starry eyes.

Unlike you, Jacob woke up every day to two wives and two concubines. And, unlike you, after marrying Leah through Laban’s trickery, he finally married Rachel, the woman he wanted. God’s design is one woman plus one man in a marriage.

Surely Jacob could have learned to love Leah. According to God’s Word, you are to unconditionally love your partner in marriage and work at being God’s kind of husband or wife. Once you are married, the real work of maintaining the relationship begins. Think of your marriage as a gift-wrapped present from the Lord. Its true value and appreciation comes after the gift is opened and you take time to enjoy it.

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