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Join the Chorus of Praise!

Mary said: “My soul magnifies the Lord.”
Luke 1:46

The surest test of a heart is the caliber of its speech—the quality of the words that issue forth. Through Mary’s words we see her pure heart. As she arrived at Elizabeth’s, this young woman opened her mouth and offered rich words of praise, a song now known as Mary’s “Magnificat.” Mary began, “My soul magnifies the Lord,” and the inspired words that follow contain 15 quotations from the Old Testament (Luke 1:45-55). As author Gien Karssen observed, the number of Scriptures quoted in the “Magnificat” shows that “Mary knew God, through the books of Moses, the Psalms and the writings of the prophets. She had a deep reverence for the Lord God in her heart because she knew what He had done in the history of her people.”

Clearly Mary’s heartstrings were tuned to the heart of God. Her heart was saturated with His Word! Knowing God and His mercy, provision, and faithfulness, Mary sang…

  • a song of joy, of gladness, of celebration.
  • a song of substance based on the Scriptures.
  • a song reflecting the love and devotion of Hannah, a saint from the past (1 Samuel 2).
  • a song for today since God is the same yesterday and today.
  • a song for eternity because God’s Word stands forever.

Join Mary in her chorus of praise. Because you know God and recognize His infinite power and love, make Mary’s solo a duet. Read her beautiful and joyful words and add your voice to her sweet melody, “My soul magnifies the Lord.”

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