Leaving the Old

When you became a believer, you entered into an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus. When you embrace Him as Savior, you put into motion a lifelong process of putting off the sinful ways of mankind and putting on the nature and conduct of a new creation in Christ.

As part of this process, amazingly the bad attitudes and habits you’ve added to your life over the years start falling by the wayside. With God’s help, you begin to get rid of attitudes that are far from flattering and don’t fit your life in Christ – selfishness, anger, ignorance, impatience, envy, etc. As you toss these out of your closet of choices, you discover, instead, how to dress in the wonderful attributes God.

As you think about “putting off” and “putting on,” do any behaviors, faults, shortcomings, or areas of sin immediately pop into your mind? Turn these over to Jesus immediately.

Live as the son or daughter of the King of kings! Start every morning by talking to Him, asking Him to guide you and give you strength to live for Him. Leave the old life behind. Study His Word and put His wisdom and principles into your daily life.

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