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Lesser Choices

Is your fire for the Lord burning low? You know what happened, don’t you? At some time, for some reason, lesser choices were made and that passion for knowing and following God’s plan got lost. If you want to be a person who lives out God’s will for your life, you must first have a passion for God’s Word. Be purposeful and willing to stick to God’s path.

There is so much at stake. Your own spiritual growth, the lives of those you love, your marriage, your witness to others. What you do and don’t do doesn’t only affect you, it affects everyone and everything. In God’s goodness, it’s not too late to begin to make good, better, and best choices. God is waiting patiently for you.

God, please rekindle my flame of faith. When I first met You, I was hungry for Your Word and so eager to share it. Today, I will walk forward with a renewed spark of belief and commitment. Amen.

Read Lesser Choices on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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