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Life Without a Cell Phone

Can you imagine not having cell service? For most people, this would be the world’s greatest nightmare. It would be like solitary confinement in a prison cell with four walls and no windows. It’s almost too horrible to think about. But, that’s exactly what Elizabeth and I face every time we drive up to our home in Belfair, WA. Oh, there’s a final spot several miles away at The Red Barn Bar and Grill where cell service ends. In fact, The Red Barn has extended its parking lot so that I and others can pull in for one last phone “fix” before entering the dreaded “dead zone.”

Obviously, you can see I’m being a little over-dramatic, right? Or am I? I’m just like you and everyone else who is hooked and dependent on their mobile phone as they talk, text, blog, surf, shop, tweet, Facebook, blog, email, and even view movies on their phones. But, as I’m at my desk right now, I’m at peace, not worrying about what I’m missing, because there is nothing I can do about it–I’m totally unable to use my phone. Instead, I’m fully focused and writing. My mind is racing. It’s filled with fresh ideas. I can’t type fast enough to get all my thoughts down into text.

I wonder sometimes if God does me a favor by putting our home in the middle of a “dead zone.” Could it be that God is wanting me to make this an “alive zone” by redirecting my attention away from the world and toward Him? Is God encouraging me to heed His advice in Psalms 46:10, which says, “Be still and know that I am God”? Is the Lord giving me the gift of silence so I can be with Him in prayer and Bible study, or so I can concentrate more of my time, heart, and mind on writing truth-filled books to benefit others?

Is God asking you to “be still” and give up some of your phone time today to spend time with Him? Life without a cell phone may not be so bad after all! Try it for an hour or so!

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