Look Up, Not Down!

Your Savior didn’t allow the dictates of His society to keep Him from projecting an image that He was approachable and available to others. Has your social circle or society dic­tated how you should treat others, especially those who could be characterized as outsiders? Oftentimes, during the holidays the unchurched or hurting are open to the comfort and answers that God’s love could provide. Do you welcome or ignore those who aren’t already in your church or community?

We’ve all been abundantly blessed by God in so many ways. So make it a goal to not look down on those who haven’t been so blessed with position, money, clothes, edu­cation, or health. Check your heart. Are you approachable to those who might need the gifts God has given you?

Prejudice and discrimination are not new concepts. In fact, both were common during the time of Jesus. The Jews were especially prone to believe that because they were God’s chosen people, they were better than everyone else. Therefore they had nothing to do with the rest of humanity, the Gentiles. Women were also held in low regard at this time. But despite this social-environment one Gen­tile (non-Jewish) woman perceived that Jesus was approachable, fell at His feet, and asked Him to cast a demon out of her daugh­ter (Mark 7:24-30).

Just because someone seems “different” to you doesn’t justify an avoidance mentality. Jesus put Himself in a place where a for­eigner and a woman—an outcast on two counts by social norms of the time—could approach Him. God never intended for the Jews to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. And God’s intentions haven’t changed for you and me today. We are to go into the world and rub shoul­ders with different ethnic and social groups. We are not to avoid them but emulate Jesus, accept their differences, and be ready when they approach us in their hour of need.

I pray that as the Christmas holiday approaches believers exhibit the love and forgiveness that Christ blessed arrival proclaimed to all!

A Prayer to Pray: Jesus, help me to always see others with Your eyes. Remind me that I am to show Your love to people even when they are different than me.

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