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Loss for Lack of Focus

The New Year is a great time to take a long look in the mirror. As you pause to consider your heart, ask: Do I want my life to make a difference? Do I want to live for God? Do I desire to positively influence those in my family, my circle of friends, my church, my workplace, and my commu­nity? If so, then following Jesus’ example and living a focused and disci­plined life is the answer and the way. To reflect Jesus and live out His purposes, embrace discipline as an essential element.

Don’t be like Eve, who failed to follow God because of a lack of self-control. She focused on what she did not have and her doubts of God, rather than His commands and provision (Genesis 3).

Instead, as women after God’s own heart, we can follow the Old Testament account of Abigail as an excellent example. Take time to read her lesser known story today in I Samuel 25. Abigail faced frightening circumstances and a disobedient husband, yet her reactions were defined by a razor-like focus – a focus on gratefulness, a disciplined life, and heed to God’s wisdom. She modeled for us wisdom in both word and deed.

You also can be a walking model of the disciplined behavior as you seek God’s guidance and wisdom each day.

A Prayer to Pray: Lord Jesus, May I seek to live a pure life, full of your wisdom. Help me to be devoted to walking by Your Spirit. May self-control and selflessness become a reigning quality in my life so You are glorified. Amen.


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