Make It Your Resolve

What is it about resolutions that fill us with delightful anticipation… and dread? At first we are hopeful. But unfortunately we begin to doubt our ability to keep a resolution. Embrace this list of godly resolutions so that you have the strength of the Lord leading the way:

  1. Never worry about your self-worth, but instead…
  2. Rejoice in your worth to God. Psalm 139:14 says you are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”
  3. Determine you’re going to seek a deeper relationship with God and
  4. Walk by faith even when you don’t always understand God’s direction.

How much time are you spending each day in God’s Word? How much time in prayer? It’s not a matter of legalism, but of relishing what you have in Christ! Doing these things will give you the strength and hope each day to follow through with your resolve to reflect God’s glory in your life.

Lord, give me the hope and faith of godly resolutions in this new year. With Your leading and Your power and grace, I can accomplish anything—and all things! Amen.

Read Make It Your Resolve on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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