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Plan on the Word

Read, study, and memorize Scripture—it’s wonderful! To have God in your head and His Word in your heart will empower you to follow Him and His plan for you with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind. But for His truth to be there, you have to actively and decisively put it there.

No matter how you feel about reading and studying the Bible, when you allow the Word of God to “dwell in you richly” (Colossians 3:16), things happen. Wonderful things! Amazing things!! Even things you don’t understand and cannot comprehend or explain.

With God’s powerful Word in your heart, prepare for change! You’ll discover fresh energy, new excitement, and a different—and better—outlook on life. Your goals will change. You’ll dream of doing great things for God as you begin to understand what great things He has done for you. You’ll have ideas and wonder, Now where did those come from? You’ll treat people differently… and you’ll treat them better. You’ll find yourself embracing and tackling your ministries, work, and responsibilities with joy! You won’t even recognize yourself!

Bottom line? You’ll be living God’s plan. You’ll be traveling His road to success, tasting and partaking of His brand of achievement and contribution. Why? Because you chose to do as He instructed. You planted His Word right into your soul.

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