Pray Through Your Priorities

Deciding what to say yes to and what to say no to is not a simple thing. I’m as social as the next person, but when I had children and home and was deep into raising my kids with God’s priorities in mind, I had to determine where other activities, commitments, and people fit within the big picture.

Your family is the masterpiece you’re assigned by God to create and preserve. Beyond that, you’ve got to be very discerning. When opportunities or events come up, each one has to be weighed against God’s best for your family. And that, my friend, takes wisdom.

So turn to the Father of your time. Go to Him and ask Him how much time should be spent on social activities and friendships. Ask Him to spell out what the need of the moment is. Then follow His leading.

Father, what must I do today to accomplish Your will? What must I let go of or decline in order to preserve my family as a priority? Give me a discerning heart that measures every opportunity against Your will for my family’s health and well-being.

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