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Seasons of Life

“I noticed Mom could barely hear us at dinner this weekend. Since Dad died she’s never been quite the same.”

I can so identify with this woman. Can you? I’ve walked through several seasons of life myself. My dad died and my mother was institutionalized all within a few months. And yet during those days I also welcomed my first two grandbabies… one month apart!

Like you, I need God’s promises for the seasons I’m experiencing as well as those to come. Isn’t it wonderful that God’s care for us is unceasing? His love unending? His guidance unfailing? And His presence everlasting? Absolutely! He is with you, dear friend, every season. What a joy to know you are cared for by such a great God.

You are “the God who is there,” Lord. Right now I can’t see the end of this season in my life, but because You are here with me now, I can make it through today. Thank You! Amen.

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