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Serve In Spite of Your Situation

If you and I wait until conditions are perfect, we will never serve others.

For instance, God’s servant Moses had to choose to serve in spite of his situation. He was called by God to lead His people–about 2 million of them!—out of Egypt (Exodus 3:1-22). But there was just one problem-the people weren’t sure they wanted Moses to lead them anywhere! Moses’ situation was bleak.

• Moses had no credibility as a leader-he had only led sheep for 40 years.
• Moses had no authority-he came as an outsider.
• Moses had no human resources-he had only a staff.
• Moses had no help-he was later given his brother, Aaron, as an assistant.

Praise God Moses finally accepted God’s call to service. And he went on to lead God’s people out of Egypt. Then he faithfully served God for 40 more years while the Israelites wandered in the wilderness. In the end, God called Moses “my servant Moses” (Numbers 12:7). Moses’ circumstances weren’t easy, but he passed the test we all must pass: Moses served God and His people in spite of his situation.

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