The Reasons Why We Seek Peace

“What I need is rest. About a hundred years ought to do it!”

Don’t we all feel this way at times? If I asked you to fill out a survey with one of the questions being, “What causes you to seek peace?” how would you answer? I responded to this question quickly: busyness. It’s #1 on my list. There’s always just “one more” of something to do. Responsibility is next. Tension is on the list too. Stress drains my energy. I’m sure you have your own list of feelings and activities and issues that make you crave peace.

Here’s the good news! Psalm 23:2 says, “[God] leads me beside the still waters.” Still waters! Can’t you just feel it? God knows your need for peace and He provides it. He ensures the restoration and calm you need to continue fulfilling His will for your life.

Father, replace my stress with Your peace and contentment. Renew in me the joy of life and service to You and those around me. Amen.

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