Two Ways to Make It Through Every Day

Life indeed is rich and full—and trying! There is so much to do as Christians to contribute to the people in our lives. And doing so requires us to be “steady as she goes.” Two practices will help you make it through each day–even the really bad days!

  1. Focus on the end.Take your eyes off yourself and fix them on the goals you have to serve the Lord, serve your loved ones, and serve the people in your life. Those purposes are the reason for all you do and dream of accomplishing.
  2. Recall at the end of each day all that was done and achieved. Instead of focusing on what was not done, give thanks to God for what was Keep your eyes on the day’s blessings instead of its failures. Give thanks to God for His grace. Appreciate the enablement and wisdom He gave you along the way.

Finding God’s Path Through Your Trials discusses the hard times we all face and reveals how you can “count it all joy.” Elizabeth George reminds you that God won’t give you trials you cannot bear without including a way of escape. By turning to Jesus, you will find hope, joy, and meaning in your journey, no matter how bumpy it seems.

Read Two Ways to Make It Through Every Day on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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