Unstoppable You

When you focus your heart, soul, mind, and strength on God and His Word, you will experience God’s kind of success. Through His Word, God reveals His will to you and gives you the power you need to accomplish the jobs He has for you.

How can you move forward in your desire to be more courageous? How can you march through whatever river is impeding your progress, attack whatever hindrances appear, and fight your enemies?

Make sure you place the truths in God’s Word first and foremost in your mind and heart. They need to be the ruler of your every thought, word, and deed. After all, the Bible is for YOU—to edify you. It’s not here to prepare you for ministry and service (although it definitely does!). And it’s not here to earn you any kind of award, certificate, or recognition for the number of verses you memorize (although that can’t hurt, and it certainly can help). No. It’s here to build you up, to change you, to teach you God’s ways, to show you God’s will, and to empower you to move forward with courage.

Make sure you take care that your focus is in the right place… and on the right Person. Fix your focus on God… not on your problems. On His commands… not your confusion. On His presence… not your fears. Serve Him, trust Him, and count on Him. After the psalmist wondered, “Where does my help come from?” he answered, “My help comes from the Lord” (Psalm 121:1-2 NIV). You have God’s commands (His will) and God’s presence. What more do you need?

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