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What Happens When We Don’t Pray?

prayerDue to some wrong choices I’ve made, I can sure relate to Abraham when a famine occurred … and he chose to go to Egypt during the famine in search of food. It appears that Abraham reacted to his circumstances without praying for God’s guidance. He relied on himself rather than God, and he failed on these three counts:

  • Abraham feared for his life (Genesis 12:12). He thought he would starve to death. Fear is a good indicator that we have strayed away from God’s will. When we have fear, we are not trusting God.
  • Abraham lied about his wife. He asked Sarah to join with him in lying about their relationship and to say she was his sister (verse 13). Rationalizing our actions to justify doing something wrong is another sign that we are acting out of the will of God.
  • Abraham chose a coward’s approach. He opted not to defend Sarah when she was taken into Pharaoh’s palace (verse 15). Failure to stand up for what is right is yet another mark of erring behavior due to a failure to pray.

No issue or decision is too minor for prayer. Take nothing for granted when it comes to your concerns. What seemed like “no-brainer situations” to Abraham (for example, during a famine—go where the food is, right? … and when you’re about to die, lie, right?!) were his opportunities to trust God. The next time something seems so clear-cut that there is no need for prayer, think again. Then quickly get down on your knees and cry out to God.

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