You Are Exceptional!

You are exceptional. Think about it! Christ lives in you. That should–and does!–make a huge difference in your life. That sets you light years above this world! You are markedly unique! When you came to Christ–became a believer in Him–you were transformed and changed on the inside which others see as it shows on the outside.

Now consider this: “Why would any person with a pure, holy God living inside their heart and soul want to fashion or mold themselves after the ‘world’?” This makes me think about bread dough. I’m sure you know the process for bread making. First you mix up a batch of dough. Then you mold it into any shape you desire. You get to decide! You can shape your dough into little clover-leaf dinner rolls or breadsticks or a loaf.

When it comes to people, to you and me, we’re not to let the world knead and form us like bread dough, pressing and working us into its mold. Amazingly, you and I have everything we need to be remarkable. With God’s help, you can avoid conforming to this world and follow your Lord with all your heart. To do this you need to remember that God, in His divine power, has already given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). Rejoice! You already possess all the makings for exceptional living!

Read You Are Exceptional! on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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