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You Can Count on God’s Provision

trustIt’s a fact that fear and worry immobilize us in our kingdom work. They distract us from our worship and love of God. They make us doubt the fact we can count on Him. And our service to God and His people is hampered and blocked when we worry about ourselves and fail to trust in the Lord.

As you read the entire message from Jesus in Matthew 6:25-34, you’ll discover at least six reasons not to worry. Six reasons why you can trust God and count on His provision for you. Solid reasons to count on His oversight of every detail of your life.

  1. You are valuable to God (verse 26).
  2. Your situation is under God’s control, not yours (verse 27).
  3. God will take care of you (verses 28-30).
  4. God knows your needs (verses 31-32).
  5. Your pursuits should focus on God (verse 33).
  6. Your life should be lived for God one day at a time (verse 34).

When life gets tough, you have at least one serious spiritual choice you get to make. You get to choose whether to obsess and fixate on something earthly (like your financial situation) or whether to look up and count on God’s forever promises. Opt for the upward gaze—the God gaze. Then you can, with a clear head and an undivided heart, proceed to do the important work God has called you to, His kingdom work here on earth.

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