One-Word Themes for All the Books of the Bible

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Themes of the Bible

Looking for a simple resource to reference themes in the Bible? This quick and easy-to-understand reference identifies Bible themes for each book of the Bible.

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The books of the Bible are listed with their corresponding themes in the table below. Each word has been linked with helpful resources for further exploring the books of the Bible and their themes.

Review the list for reference and click each book of the Bible or its corresponding theme to access faith-focused articles, blog posts, and books that will further deepen your relationship with Christ.

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Theme of Each Book of the Bible

The Old Testament

Genesis Beginnings
Exodus Deliverance
Leviticus Instruction
Numbers Journeys
Deuteronomy Obedience
Joshua Conquest
Judges Deterioration and deliverance
Ruth Redemption
1 Samuel Transition
2 Samuel Unification
1 Kings Disruption
2 Kings Dispersion
1 Chronicles Israel’s spiritual history
2 Chronicles Israel’s spiritual heritage
Ezra Restoration
Nehemiah Reconstruction
Esther Preservation
Job Blessings through suffering
Psalms Praise
Proverbs Practical wisdom
Ecclesiastes All is vanity apart from God
Song of Solomon Love and marriage
Isaiah Salvation
Jeremiah Judgment
Lamentations Lament
Ezekiel The glory of the Lord
Daniel The sovereignty of God
Hosea Unfaithfulness
Joel The day of the Lord
Amos Judgment
Obadiah Righteous judgment
Jonah God’s grace to all people
Micah Divine judgment
Nahum Consolation
Habakkuk Trusting a sovereign God
Zephaniah The “great day of the LORD”
Haggai Rebuilding the temple
Zechariah God’s deliverance
Malachi Formalism rebuked
The New Testament
Matthew The kingdom of God
Mark The Suffering Servant
Luke The Perfect Man
John The Son of God
Acts The spread of the gospel
Romans The righteousness of God
1 Corinthians Christian conduct
2 Corinthians Paul’s defense of his apostleship
Galatians Freedom in Christ
Ephesians Blessings in Christ
Philippians The joy-filled life
Colossians The supremacy of Christ
1 Thessalonians Concern for the church
2 Thessalonians Living in hope
1 Timothy Instructions for a young disciple
2 Timothy A charge to faithful ministry
Titus A manual of conduct
Philemon Forgiveness
Hebrews The superiority of Christ
James Genuine faith
1 Peter Responding to suffering
2 Peter Warning against false teachers
1 John Fellowship with God
2 John Christian discernment
3 John Christian hospitality
Jude Contending for the faith
Revelation The unveiling of Jesus Christ


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