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3 Ways to Become Best Friends With Your Husband


elizabeth-george jim-george 3-ways-to-become-best-friends-with-your-husband

Do you have a best girl friend or two? Maybe you have a sister that you can call a best friend. Let’s consider the many things you do for and with a best friend. Your list is probably a lot like mine—you pray for her, phone her, send her cards and notes in the mail, celebrate her birthday, get together for lunch, visit often, e-mail her, pick up little things for her that you know she would like and the list goes on and on.

If we’re married, this is the kind of love God wants us to display—a love that is deeper and more devoted than what we would demonstrate to a best girl friend. You see, loving your husband is first on God’s list of assignments for us in Titus 2:3-5. Indeed, loving our husband is a high calling! So, let’s see how many ways we can do the work of love and set about to answer God’s calling for us to cultivate this character quality as Christian wives.

1. Build Him Up: praise him in front of the children, speak well of him in front of others, don’t just tell him you love him - tell him why you love him, and speak life to him when he’s down.

2. Consider Him: make sure the home is clean and smells fresh when you know he’s had a long day, pick up a small gift you know that he is sure to like, text him a message during the day just to let him know you’re thinking of him, and freshen up your hair and face when he get’s home.

3. Spend Time With Him: sit with him on the sofa while he’s watching sports, eat dinner together at the table, go with him when he’s fishing or golfing, laugh with him, and drink coffee with him in the morning.

Your friendship and love relationship with your husband must be faithfully and diligently nurtured, even in the midst of the duties and chaos of raising your children. We never question doing some of these things for our girlfriends, yet we hesitate to do them for our spouse.

So, make the choice to love your husband. That’s right—decide to love him. That might not sound romantic, but a choice to love your husband is most definitely a choice that will benefit both of you. And it’s a choice that honors the Lord and is a testimony to His glory.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning penned these now-famous words to her dear husband Robert: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” When you choose an attitude of thankfulness and determinedly express love to your husband, you will certainly find that the lovey-dovey feelings beyond those of friendship will follow.


What are some things you do for your best friend that you could make more of an effort to do for your husband?


Lord, remind me daily that my husband is my best and truest friend. Help me to show him how important he is to me. Amen.

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Send your husband a text, or leave him a note, sharing with him why you love his so. Count the ways….


Of all the relationships we put time and energy into nurturing, our relationship with our husband should be at the top of the list.

Jim and Elizabeth George

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