5 Reasons We Can be Content

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, thank God for His provision and care and the contentment you can have in Him. You can be content because:

Reason #1—God is your sun. You have His provision. Just as the sun is the source of all physical life, so God is the source of all life, both physical and spiritual.

Reason #2—God is your shield. You have His protection. Just as a shield is protection in war, so God is your source of safety and security.

Reason #3—God gives you His grace. When you need Him, He provides all things through His grace. You don’t have to worry about being strong enough.

Reason #4—God will give you glory. You have God’s promise that He will give you glory—eternal glory—no matter how or when you die. And you will experience some of Jesus’ glory here on earth!

Reason #5—God gives what is good. You can be content knowing that your good God only gives what is 100-percent good or beneficial for you.

Today—and every day—move forward in your journey of following God with all your heart by:

  • acknowledging God’s goodness,
  • thanking Him for His present provision, and
  • trusting Him to continue to provide all your needs as they arise

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