6 Ways to Love and Value Your Husband

Do you want to “value what God values”? Heeding His calling to love your husband requires discipline, dedication, and self-denial. But, oh, the end product! Imagine a long life filled with honoring the Lord by pouring out His love to another, to a partner-for-life.

Through the consistent choice to shower another with God’s sacrificial love, we change! We grow! We take on the character and heart of God. We are transformed into the image of Christ who demonstrated and showed His love for us while we were yet sinners (Romans 5:8). We grow in godliness, in God-likeness,

So, what will it take for us “to love [our] husbands” (Titus 2:4)? It will require…

Looking up to His Word…Titus 2:4 calls us to such love.
Looking up to His ways…Christ demonstrated His love for us.
Looking up to His wisdom…Obedience to God’s Word makes even the simple wise.
Looking up to His grace…God’s grace is always available—and always sufficient.
Looking up to His older women…Learn from those who love their husband.
Looking up to His calling…Shouldn’t we desire to do and be what God desires us to do and be?


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