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Bless Others with Encouragement

talkEvery woman’s life is visited by problems, difficulties, challenges. We’re busy. We’re burdened. And we carry the burdens of our loved ones in our hearts as well. In Elizabeth and Mary we meet two such women. Neither of them had—or would have—an easy life. Elizabeth had lived decades with heartache. And Mary’s decades of heartache were just around the corner. But in the midst of Elizabeth and Mary’s daily woes and the cares of everyday life, we witness mutual blessing and honor, rejoicing, and encouragement.

What do you tend to talk about when you are with other Christian women? We have so many options, don’t we? We can choose to talk about trivia, trash, the latest “talk” from a talk show, the local news, gossip, or—our most well-loved topic—ourself!

If we are nurturing a heart of humility, our “talk” will be markedly different. Why? Because as women who are humble—women after God’s own heart—we will think of others. We will be other-oriented. We will, like Elizabeth, seek to encourage others, honor others, bless others, build up others. One of the principles of my life I owe to a principle from one of my husband Jim’s sermons: Make it your goal that, in every encounter, others are better off for having been in your presence. Such a goal assists both you and me as we seek to be women who encourage others.

Drawn from Nurturing a Heart of Humility by Elizabeth George. In this study, you’ll walk through the life of Mary the teenager, the wife, the mother, the widow, and the church member. You’ll discover how to:

  • Sustain a humble spirit with overflowing prayer.
  • Hold God’s assurances deep within.
  • Walk humbly through good times and bad with a heart fixed on God.

Read Bless Others with Encouragement on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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