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Building Bridges

From Jim’s heart: Some time ago I was told the story of a high-level official in a foreign government who enrolled his son in a college in America. Because it was a Christian college, there was great excitement among the students as to who might have the opportunity to share the gospel with this young man and possibly see him come to Christ. Would it be the senior class president? The star athlete? The campus chaplain?

Well, the young man did come to Christ. But everyone was surprised to learn the identity of the person God used as His messenger. Why? Because Tom was just an average guy, one you would never pick out of a crowd as someone with unusual skills or witnessing abilities. Later when someone asked Tom what happened, he said, “I simply built a bridge between my heart and his, and then Jesus walked across it.”

Becoming a neighbor. Developing friendships. Building bridges. Friend, this is what it means to develop a heart for reaching others. You and I don’t need to be pastors or Bible scholars in order to witness. But we do need to earn the right to be heard by those around us.

What are some ways you can build bridges that will help transport the message of Jesus Christ from your heart to the hearts of others?

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