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What’s Going On?

“Where is all my energy anyway? What’s going on?” These are important questions to ask and answer. When you evaluate your life and health choices, you’ll probably discover why you’re so tired. What time do you go to bed? What activities are you involved in? Do you have young children? Teenagers? Are you working? Serving at your church?

I think you can clearly see what’s going on. Something has to give or else something’s going to give! And it will be your body if you don’t make changes.

The Bible says Jesus took time to go away and rest a while. If you’re going to be that energetic, enthusiastic marriage partner or parent after God’s own heart, find ways to build up yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

God, give me discernment to see what habits need to change and how I can restore energy and enthusiasm to my life and faith walk. I want to be healthy, whole, ready and willing for each step of my purpose in You. Amen.

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