Checklist for Your Day

___Purpose to follow God’s ways all day long. Start with prayer.

___Purpose to do His will every minute. Yes, even with those phone calls you’d rather not take, the meetings you’d rather skip, the meals you’d rather not cook.

___Purpose to stay alert to God as you go about your day. Check in with Him when challenges along the way. Look for His joy and peace as you go through your day.

___Purpose to talk with God throughout the day when you feel harried or overbooked. It’s as easy as remembering to say “Please, God, let me respond in Your way. Help me stay calm. Help me know when to speak and when to listen. Help me to help!”

Lord, each day is so full of activity. Please help me keep focused on You throughout the day. I want to face each challenge with Your peace and wisdom. Keep me calm amid every storm. Amen.

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