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Little Things Matter

And the women who had come with Him from Galilee followed after,
and they observed the tomb and how His body was laid.

Luke 23:55

How is true love measured? In the case of the faithful women who loved and followed Jesus, their great devotion was evident in little things. On history’s darkest day their devotion shone brilliantly.

Love stayed. Although Jesus’ disciples fled in fright, these dear women stayed with Him through His crucifixion, never wavering, ever watching, modeling a to-the-end devotion.

Love followed. This loyal company of ladies walked behind those who carried Jesus’ body to learn the way to Jesus’ tomb.

Love cared. These caring women realized no one prepared Jesus’ body for burial. It was a little thing, perhaps, yet they decided to see to their Master’s final earthly need.

Love worked. Returning home after a long, gruesome, agonizing day at the crucifixion and these ladies prepared spices and ointments for the embalming of Jesus’ body.

Little things. Yet they revealed hearts that loved God. Can you think of something you can do today for your Friend and Savior? Can you stay a little longer in prayer, follow a little closer in obedience, care a little more for His people, work a little harder for His kingdom? Ask for His guidance.

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