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Dream Big

Hmm…1 year…12 months…365 days. That’s 8,760 hours! You’ve got time. So dream big. Dream of being a woman who serves and honors God. Will you do this?

Describe the woman you want to be-spiritually, that is-in one year. In one year you can attack a weak area in your Christian life and gain victory. You can read through the Bible. You can be mentored by an older woman…or be a mentor to a younger woman in the faith. You can complete training in evangelism or finish a one-year Bible study. You can memorize Scripture. Dawson Trotman was a great Christian statesman. He memorized one verse a day for the first three years of his Christian life-that’s a thousand verses! Dream on-and do it!

Lord, I hesitate to dream because I’m afraid of commitment and failure. What if I start out and then get tired or forget? But, Lord, I want to grow in You. I want to become the person You want me to be. Give me a dream…and the strength and passion to carry it out. Amen.

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