First Things First

When it comes to my prayer life, I have a saying that helps me each day—First things first. I try to make my quiet time with God the first thing I do each morning. Somehow, dedicating my fresh new day to God in prayer first thing makes a tremendous difference in that day. It reminds me who I am (His child) and who I am to serve (Him!) and what I am to do with my day… and my life (glorify Him).

And as I pray for the people in my life, the very act of prayer amazingly changes my heart toward them as God gives me His love and His wisdom for living out these relationships in a way that causes Christ to shine through me.

Now I have a question for you: Do you believe praying—even for just five or ten minutes a day—could change your life? I believe it can!

Lingering in God’s presence will increase your faith, provide a place for you to unload your burdens, remind you that God is always near, and help you not to panic when troubles come. When you accept God’s invitation to pray, He will transform your heart and change your life.

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