From Jim’s Heart—Saying Yes to God

God is able to use a man who is willing to do whatever He says. By this I mean a person who listens to and obeys Him. We see confirmation of this in the Bible…

–The apostle Paul was asked to get up—and spread the gospel.

–Abraham was asked to give up—to sacrifice his son Isaac up to God, until God spared Isaac.

–Moses was asked to speak up—to confront Pharaoh about letting the people of Israel go.

–Daniel was asked to stand up—to not yield to demands to compromise his faith.

In every case, God rewarded the obedience these men showed. When you yield yourself in complete and wholehearted obedience to God, He can do great things through you.

Father, show me how I can honor You in everything I do at home, at work, and when I’m just having fun. I choose in advance to say yes to You in all I do! Amen.

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