From Elizabeth’s Heart – Counting on God’s Grace and Peace

You, my friend, are a truly special woman! Do you know how I know? Because you are pursuing grace and peace by spending time in these devotions and in God’s Word. When God lives within you, His Spirit causes you to yearn for a gentle calm in your life.

Are you struggling or suffering? Are you facing a painful loss? A common response women have when they’re first asked to contemplate a “gentle and quiet spirit” is to declare, “But I can’t be like that! I can’t remain calm when there’s trouble.” This is true, if you are relying on your own strength. But when you appropriate God’s great enablers—His grace and His peace—you can achieve gentleness and calmness even during hard times. You just need to:

  • Count on God’s grace. It’s given. It’s here. It’s available.
  • Pray for God’s grace. Your awareness of God’s grace will expand when you give more things and more of you to Him.
  • Get on with life. Regardless of your struggles, it’s possible—and important—to have something positive to show for your suffering, including a greater knowledge of how much God loves you, cares for you, and provides for you.

It’s encouraging to think about God’s grace and peace. They are two of the loveliest, most restful gifts He bestows on us.

Grace to you and peace be multiplied.
1 Peter 1:2

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