From Jim’s Heart—Drill Sergeant Dad

Being a dad after God’s own heart sometimes requires playing the role of “drill sergeant”-or instructor. Those who are chosen to become drill sergeants are given that task because they are serious, well-seasoned, and battle-hardened. Their job is to take a raw recruit and make him into a soldier in only a few months. The tougher they are on the recruits on the training ground, the more likely a soldier will survive on the battlefield.

As we look to their example of a drill sergeant, be aware that I am not asking you to emulate their harshness. Rather, I am encouraging you to emulate their tenacity toward preparing soldiers-in your case, your children-for survival on the battlefield of life.  As a dad, one of your jobs is to take a raw recruit-your child-and turn him or her into a godly man or godly woman who will love Jesus and, in turn, train up yet another generation to follow the Lord.

Also, whereas a drill sergeant has a recruit for only two or three months, you have your children for about 20 years! And you get to train and instruct them every day. Because God gives you many years to raise up your children, you have many opportunities to influence and train them up—in every area of life!

Dad, your first objective is to help your children develop a heart that follows God, that delights in being responsive to Him and His commands. Your goal is to nurture in them a heart that obeys.

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