The Lonely Mom

Moms feel lonely too. Many mothers and wives have days-or even seasons-of feeling lonely. But you are not alone. The Bible says God is with you.

It’s a fact of life. You will be alone at various times. When your children start grade school, extra activities, college, or their own marriage and family. And most women end up outliving their husbands. But through these times of transition, solitude, and loneliness, you can turn to One who is always there.

Pray for and cultivate a firm, powerful sense of God’s presence. Then, when you’re in physical solitude, you’ll realize you’re never alone. God promises He will never leave you or forsake you. And God never breaks His promises. His presence is there with you and for you. He will comfort and encourage you.

Lord, just when I’m feeling distant from others, I am drawn once again to Your presence. You are my Creator and You are the one constant in my life. Thank You for filling me and my days with the joy of Your faithful love. Amen.

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