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From Jim’s Heart — God’s Promises & Your Character

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could count on people to come through on their promises? Most likely you’ve been burned and disappointed by people who failed to keep their word. Contrast that disappointing experience with the trustworthiness of God’s Word and His promises to us. Remember that the power of a promise depends on the one making the promise.

God always keeps His promises to us, and God cannot lie or be unfaithful. Therefore…

  • You can always count on God.
  • You can always believe in God’s Word.
  • You can always depend on God’s nature.
  • You can always rely on God’s power.

Here’s the challenge: You mirror God’s nature or character when you keep your word and your promises to others. If you are going to make a promise, whether that promise is made to your marriage partner, your children, a fellow church member, your boss, a workmate, or anyone else, be sure you keep it. Your character is at stake!

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