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Fulfilling God’s Will

God never makes a mistake. And He certainly didn’t make one when He chose the humble Mary to be the mother of His Son! The responsibility of raising Jesus, the Righteous Branch of David, called for righteous parents who followed God’s law. And, as the Scriptures tell us, Mary and Joseph clearly met that criterion.

  • Jesus was circumcised exactly eight days after His birth, just as God’s law required.
  • At this time, the child’s name was given. The name commanded by the angel was then officially given to the infant, just as God instructed.
  • Mary’s purification after childbirth took place exactly 40 days after the birth of her male child, just as God’s law required.
  • Mary presented Jesus, her firstborn son, to the Lord, just as God’s law required.

In Mary we see the kind of woman God delights in — a woman after His own heart, a woman willing to do all His will — to do just as He says. Only a woman intent on nurturing a heart of humility would even attempt the kind of obedience we see in Mary!

Because of Jesus Christ’s perfect fulfillment of God’s law, we live in the age of God’s marvelous grace. However, our obedience and wholehearted commitment to walking humbly in the ways of the Lord are still essential. Are you one who follows after God by walking in His ways? Spend time with the Lord now and affirm your desire to be like Mary, to be a woman after God’s own heart, a woman who fulfills all His will.

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