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From Jim’s Heart—Imitating God

Are you a spiritually sensitive man? By way of definition, this means walking through life with a God-consciousness. It means knowing how God would act, talk, and respond to life’s situations.

How can you develop this kind of sensitivity? A key way is to observe God in action in the Bible. For example, as you see how He responded graciously to His fallen creation and sacrificed His only Son for us, you begin to understand how you should be more loving, giving, and selfless. As you see His other traits—His patience, His wisdom, His goodness—you’ll discover character qualities you’ll want to imitate in your own life.

As you read your Bible, observe God carefully. Learn from His example. And you’ll grow in spiritual sensitivity.

God, how can I imitate You at work today? At home? In the community? Help me to remember how my simple words and actions can reflect Your saving work in the world. Amen.

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