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More Like Him

Have you ever noticed that the more you are with someone, the more you become like that person? If you’ve been married a while, you’ll notice you and your spouse use some of the same figures of speech. You share many of the same opinions and perspectives on life. You’ll even see this principle at work in your children. And if you’re single, you experience the same thing with your close friends and family.

And it works the same way when it comes to God! The more time you spend reading the Bible, the more you resemble Him. You begin to think as God thinks and do what He would do. You desire what He desires. As you spend time with Him, your life takes in and reflects more and more of His love and glory. Commune with Him each day and spend time in His Word. You’ll reap tremendous rewards!

Lord, I know You are with me always, but the special times we spend together are so life-giving and life-changing! Thank You for Your Word and the light it gives on my journey. Amen.

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