From Jim’s Heart—Little Choices, Big Decisions

There are a myriad of thoughts penned on the importance of choices. You’ve probably heard this one:

Little choices determine habit;
Habit carves and molds character,
Which makes the big decisions.

What does this tell you? That even the little things count! If ever you’re tempted to cut corners and do things the easy way, or do your work halfheartedly because others aren’t watching, eventually your little choices are going to become habits that affect the bigger decisions you make in life. This is especially true with regard to sin. Taking it lightly can lead to poor decision-making down the road. So consider every choice carefully, no matter how small, for it will affect the bigger decisions you make.

God, help me to pay attention to my activities today and to consider the importance of the small choices I will make. May each one be a reflection of my one big choice—to follow You with all my heart. Amen.

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