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From Jim’s Heart—Prayer Tips for Leaders

As a leader, how can you afford not to pray? Let these principles from Nehemiah’s remarkable prayer life (found in the Book of Nehemiah) guide you to increased strength as you guide others.

  • Pray to meet the needs of others. Nehemiah’s awareness of the conditions of the people moved him to pray and to seek and find a way to help them.
  • Pray with an open mind. Be willing to be the answer to your own prayers. As Nehemiah prayed, he caught a vision that God’s purpose involved him!
  • Pray with a willing heart. Nehemiah committed himself to obeying God’s leading to use him as part of the solution.
  • Pray for the vision of others. Nehemiah could not complete God’s purpose alone. Pray for God to put the same burden on the hearts of others so they too will catch your vision.
  • Pray with persistence. Don’t give up! Nehemiah prayed for four months before he received a clear, concise response from the Lord—then pressed on with prayer until the physical city wall was completed.
  • Pray for blameless conduct. Pray as Nehemiah did about his own sinfulness. Your strength will increase if you are a clean vessel, fit for the Master’s use.
  • Pray for direction. Nehemiah prayed at every step along the journey of doing God’s will.
  • Pray and then act. Nehemiah was a master of the “arrow prayer” when immediate help was needed—and a master of “agonizing in prayer” that continued for months. Whenever God’s answer does come, move out with the strength of faith and watch as God opens doors.

Remember, you can lead without God, but you can’t be a great leader without God.

A Leader After God’s Own Heart looks at the biblical life of Nehemiah, who provides an outstanding example of leadership you can follow. Learning from Nehemiah’s example will help you:

  • Improve your management skills.
  • Resolve conflict with confidence.
  • Turn your next crisis into an opportunity.
  • Increase your leadership abilities.

Read From Jim’s Heart—Prayer Tips for Leaders on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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