From Jim’s Heart—Successful Application of God’s Word

Application of the truths in the Bible comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes your application will require you to do one specific thing, like returning a book you borrowed a month ago. It could require you to apologize to a family member for giving them a hard time. At other times your application will require time and effort, like breaking a habit.

Applications that deal with external actions (like lying, yelling, overeating) can be carried out at any time with an act of obedience, an act of your will. But applications that deal with heart attitudes and motives can be harder to carry out because they require internal change—change in your mind and heart. This kind of change goes deeper and calls for you to make right choices in obedience to God’s instructions.

Whether you are trying to change your actions or attitudes, here are some suggestions for successful application of God’s Word to your life:

  1. Write out the issue or problem on an index card and carry it with you as a reminder of what you want to change.
  1. Ask God for His help as you work on making that change happen.
  1. Memorize key Bible verses that deal with your issue, and obey them.

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