Laugh and Smile a Lot

Your home should be an absolute joy for every family member! I’ve learned to smile—and laugh—a lot. When my girls were little, we’d check out silly riddle books from the library and then laugh and roll on the floor as we read them. Try it!

I also use the words “I love” freely. “I love Saturdays.” “I love the Lord’s Day.” “I love everything—and especially I love you!” I say those very words to my husband, Jim, my two daughters and their husbands, and now my grandkids every time I see them, tell them goodbye, or talk to them on the phone. Ask God to fill your heart with love and give you plenty of opportunities to laugh and play!

Lord, I imagine Your smile and joy as the children came up to You and You took them into Your arms and blessed them. What love and acceptance You showed them! Help me do the same for my precious ones. Amen.

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