From Jim’s Heart—Ways to Influence Your Children

When it comes to shaping the entire future of a child’s life and influencing his or her eternal destiny, I hope you feel the gravity of your obligation to God… and to your children. Here are some steps for getting started. They’re simple, and they will require a lot from you, but the rewards are well worth it!

Start by loving your spouse—God designed parents to be partners, and a key essential to caring for your children is showing a godly love for your spouse.

Start by taking your family to church—The simple act of getting your family to church is a giant step toward boosting the spiritual growth of your family.

Start by growing spiritually—A parent after God’s own heart constantly desires to grow spiritually, always striving to be where he or she needs to be.

Start by spending more time with your children—This one’s obvious. A closer relationship with your children comes only with time.

Start by making a commitment—Commit yourself afresh to make every sacrifice necessary to point your children toward God. Do all you can. Don’t procrastinate! Do your part and point them toward God.

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