From Jim’s Heart — The Promise to Forgive

When you receive God’s gift of Jesus, you also receive the promise of forgiveness:

As far as the east is from the west,
so far has He removed our transgressions from us.

Psalm 103:12

God is bigger than your biggest sin, and He’s aware of even your smallest ones. Unconfessed sins have consequences. They hinder your fellowship with a holy and just God. Although God forgives sin, He overlooks none. Whether your sins are big or small in your estimation, you need to experience God’s promise of forgiveness for them. To better understand this, read on.

God’s forgiveness is complete. When you receive Jesus Christ, your sins are forgiven once and for all. When Jesus uttered, “It is finished” on the cross, He was speaking of His work of redemption (John 19:30). Jesus died for your sins. Every sin that you will ever commit is covered by Jesus’ death. As God’s child, His forgiveness is complete because Jesus’ work is complete.

God’s forgiveness is permanent. When God forgives, He also forgets. You can’t use up God’s forgiveness. Whether your sins are few or many, private or public, God is always faithful to forgive.

God’s forgiveness changes you. After asking God for forgiveness, go one step further and also ask Him for the wisdom to avoid sin in the future. Constantly seek advice from God’s Word and godly Christian friends to learn how to change, how to avoid sin, and how to grow in your walk with God.

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