A Masterpiece

Have you thrown in the time-management towel? Are you operating in survival mode? Many women have given up using their organizers and other plan-making methods out of frustration.

Well, I want you to give it another try. Determine to make tomorrow a better day than yesterday. Ask God for His wisdom. Just for today, create a schedule, even if it’s a “bad” one. Any schedule is better than no schedule. Scheduling is a necessity. It’s a mirror of your life. A tool for improvement. And it’s a “wand” for accomplishment.

Think about the creation of the world. God had a schedule — from before the foundation of the world. He knew exactly what He would create each day—that first and most glorious week of the history of all creation. It was a true masterpiece. And He knew He would rest on the seventh day.

How about you? How’s your masterpiece looking?

God, I will commit to scheduling my time. I will follow Your lead and create a plan for this day, this week, and maybe even beyond. Show me what it means to be faithful to good intentions and godly priorities. I want to live for you today.

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